The black dial has a sun pattern effect after processing

Maybe I will still make my watch friends a little bit confused through text or reading official instructions, but this set of adjustment methods can basically be said to be easy to operate with just a hand. Behind the easy operation of this Ring Command system is a complex mechanical assembly that contains more than 50 parts. This design also represents Rolex’s superb clockwork and micro-mechanical technology.The black dial replica watches has a sun pattern effect after processing, and will show different visual effects under different light angles.

A red inverted triangle is fixed on the dial to indicate the 24-hour second time zone display on the inner disc, and the second time zone can be read replica rolex with just one swipe. Rectangular scales and pointers are coated with luminous material, emitting long-lasting blue light in the dark. There are 12 small windows at the top of the scale, and the dark red indicator represents the current month. This set of calendar complication Rolex named Salo SAROS.

The function of the Salo calendar automatically distinguishes between large and small months, and because flat leap years cannot be identified, It only needs to be adjusted once a year Replica Watches UK on March 1st. And this set of annual calendar function is just to add four gears and two sets of gear trains to operate on the common instant jump calendar in Rolex replica watches.